The Great Daiamid served as the legislative body of the Hiigaran Empire, the Kushan during their time on Kharak, and the restored Hiigaran government after the overthrow of Riesstiu IV the Second, Emperor of the Taiidan Empire.


They existed as the peace keeping body between the different Kiiths. Whenever a dispute between them was brought up the Kiith-Sa would vote on the issue based on what was best for the population as a whole.


The Daiamid has been changed very little over history, but it has been destroyed and recreated three times.

The First DaiamidEdit

The First Daiamid was that of the Hiigaran Empire before the Exodus. The Daiamid's last members were executed by the Taiidan Emperor.

The Second DaiamidEdit

The Second Daiamid, or the Great Daiamid as it was known, was created on Kharak by Kiith Naabal after the Heresy Wars, in order to maintain the peace. It was destroyed after the Burning of Kharak.

The Third DaiamidEdit

The Third Daiamid, or New Daiamid, was established after the Kushans defeated Emperor Riesstiu and retook control of Hiigara. It was very difficult to set up as few Kiith-Sa joined the Mothership Fleet, and thus many were killed in the Burning of Kharak.

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