Angel Moon
M02 Angel Moon
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Protect Crew Transports
Destroy Enemy Fighter Facility
Mission Navigation

In Mission 2, the Pride of Hiigara races to dock all of the Bishop Transports to meet the minimum crew requirements before Makaan arrives.


The Vaygr have already launched a massive invasion and are already attacking the Hiigaran Defense Fleets and will now be aware of the arrival of the Pride of Hiigara. As noted by Fleet Intelligence, there are 6 Crew Transports enroute to the Mothership and four must survive for minimum crew requirements to be met. However, there is a Vaygr Carrier in the area, which is reinforcing the attacks against the Transports, and they must be saved at all costs. After some time, Fleet Intelligence orders some Bomber Squadrons to attack the Fighter Facility to stop it producing fighters, but some Anti-Fighter Frigates arrive to try and destroy the Transports. Within seconds, the Ferin Sha Fleet arrives in the sector to help out the Pride of Hiigara and the Vaygr are pushed back. Karan leaps the fleet to the Sarum System to rebuild and defend Hiigara.


This mission is fairly simple, send whatever Interceptors you built in the previous mission (should start with about 5 or 6 squadrons) to take out the attackers. Get harvesting and when you have enough resources, build another bomber squadron and attack the Figher Facility on the Carrier. Eventually, you'll have enough Interceptors to quickly take out remaining attackers and complete the mission. Captain Soban's fleet will enter hyperspace at some point, which will assist in taking down enemy Vaygr frigates, but keep some extra bombers around to deal with the threat that the Carrier posesses.


  • Try as hard as possible to save the Transports at the back of the lines! If you do, you will be granted 2 Elite Bomber and 1 Elite Gunship Squadrons for free! However, if they are destroyed, you cannot build them again in the game.
  • When the Carrier attempts to hyperspace, use bombers to attack the engines. Since these cannot be repaired, the Carrier will simply become target practice and some fleet building can be done with the limited resources.

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