This is the article on the mission. If you are looking for the article on the location in which the mission takes place, see Balcora.

M14 Balcora
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Protect Mothership
Destroy Makaan
Secondary Ojectives
Destroy Vaygr Shipyard
Mission Navigation

In Mission 14, a fated battle between the Hiigarans and the Vaygr takes place. Who will claim victory and walk away with the powerful Sajuuk and who will be destroyed?

Overview Edit

Makaan believes that the Hiigaran fleet has simply followed what he expected them to do, but the Hiigarans aren't going to give up. The two factions face off on each side of the Sajuuk, but the Hiigaran fleet get the upper hand and destroy the nearby Shipyard. Eventually, the fleet moves to destroy Makaan, even destroying their own Dreadnaught. Before Makaan's death, he hints of troubles over Hiigara, before the core is released and all three are placed within Sajuuk.

Strategy Edit

The time has come for each side to face off: as can be expected, the strongest of Makaan's forces will be present, so a large force will be needed. Depending on how quickly the previous mission was completed, there will probably be few ships present. Use whatever is available to defeat the incoming forces, while slowly rebuilding ships (queue ships for building on all the carriers, the Shipyard and the Pride of Hiigara) to face off against Makaan.

Makaan will be flanked by several super capital ships, including their own Dreadnaught. It is recommended to destroy the enemy's dreadnaught before attempting anything else, as it can use its own Phased Cannon Array to decimate your fleet. Once all the fleet is assembled, assault Makaan's flagship. He will be destroyed, not before announcing a threat to Hiigara. All three cores will then be placed in Sajuuk, with the Pride of Hiigara left abandoned in Balcora. The mission will end immediately and the Hiigarans will be taken back to Hiigara.

Trivia Edit

  • In Homeworld 2 Remastered, the Vaygr may use a large number of resource collectors instead of sending fighting ships. This makes the mission significantly easier to complete.
  • Unlike in previous missions, losing the Dreadnaught here does not result in failing the mission as its purpose in opening Balcora Gate has been fulfilled. However, the Dreadnaught is not counted under your battlecruiser cap, and therefore loss of the Dreadnaught will not free up a slot for a third battlecruiser. It is possible however, to replace a lost Dreadnaught by using Marine Frigates to capture the enemy one, although due to the ship cap you are limited to having only one Dreadnaught at a time.
  • Don't bother with harvesting: just use all resource collectors to repair your own super capital ships (such as destroyers and battlecruisers).

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