Balcora Gate
M13 Balcora Gate
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Defend Balcora Gate
Destroy Vaygr Shipyard
Mission Navigation

In Mission 13, the Pride of Hiigara races against a large Vaygr force concentrating firepower on 3 Power Subsystems to prevent the Hiigaran's from reaching Makaan and Sajuuk


It appears that Makaan has fled to a gate near Balcora, a large gravity well cluster at the centre of the Galaxy. Just before the Hiigaran's arrive near the Balcora Gate, Makaan uses his own Progenitor Dreadnaught to activate the gate and pass through to Sajuuk, leaving a large fleet behind to destroy the Power Subsystems on the Gate and prevent the Hiigaran's reaching Sajuuk. The Hiigaran's begin a rather short battle, while facing off a huge number of Battlecruisers nearby, along with a huge force attacking each of the subsystems. After a while, the forces are destroyed and the Hiigaran Dreadnaught activates the Gate and the Pride of Hiigara passes through to Sajuuk.


This mission is a speed level. You must complete only one objective as quickly as possible to win: defend Balcora Gate. However, that won't be easy here.

Just like in Thaddis Sabbah, there are tons upon tons of Battlecruisers here (up to 13 possible) and they are extremely close to your starting position. You will probably be able to make it through the mission with just some Capital Ships left. As soon as the mission starts, scramble everything to guard the Dreadnaught. Take out the Infiltration Frigates that will attempt to capture a Carrier near the start, then move forward and destroy every Battlecruiser possible, along with the Shipyard and enemy Resourcing Operation. By this point, you will probably have a tiny fleet left, so concentrate all attack power on the generator closest to the enemy Shipyard. As stated above, only one generator needs to be available to win. Defeat the Vaygr to continue on.


  • This mission marks the last use of Infiltration Frigates by the Vaygr.
  • Capturing one of the hyperspace-capable battlecruisers provides short jump ability to ships near them, providing an advantage to the player.

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