Bentusi Ruins
HW2 Great Wastelands
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Retrieve Core Fragments
Destroy Vaygr Forces
Secondary Ojectives
Research Defence Field
Mission Navigation

In Mission 11 the Pride of Hiigara races against Vaygr Forces to obtain all three segments of the Bentusi Hyperspace Core

Overview Edit

Bentus sacrificed themselves so that the Hiigarans can reunite the cores and reawaken the mighty Sajuuk. The Vaygr will have seen the blast wave, so it is a race to recover the core fragments, which are surrounded by radiation, caused by the explosion. The Defense Field Frigate needs an upgrade to support the retrieval of the core fragments. After retrieving all pieces and eliminating all Vaygr forces, the fleet returns to their previous objective: rescuing Captain Soban.

Strategy Edit

This mission is also fairly straight forward. When the mission starts, start researching Battlecruisers and build the maximum. Build additional carriers and outfit them with fighter, corvette and frigate facilities.

Send the whole fleet towards the main core fragment to cause the Vaygr to appear: focus on destroying the various Vaygr forces first before attempting to retrieve core fragments, because they will send resource collectors to capture the fragments themselves. If any Vaygr ship hyperspaces with a core fragment, the mission will be failed, so it's important not to have enemy units capturing core fragments.

Once all enemy forces have been destroyed, upgrade the Defence Field Frigate with the indicated research, then use it to escort the resource collectors in capturing the fragments. Take great care, as the frigate has an extremely short duration for its field. Make sure to rebuild the fleet before the last core fragment is collected: there won't be time to start building up a defensive force in the next mission.

Trivia Edit

  • Allowing the enemy resourcers to capture the core fragments can make retrieving them far easier, as they will be taken out of the radiation.

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