Dreadnaught Berth
M08 Dreadnaught Berth
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Confirm Dreadnaught location
Use Movers to transport Dreadnaught
Protect Fleet
Send probes to find trigger devices
Use Movers to collect devices
Mission Navigation

In Mission 8, the Pride of Hiigara arrives deeper in the Karos Graveyards to take the Progenitor Dreadnaught and unlock more about Sajuuk. However, they unknowingly awaken the Keepers.

Overview Edit

Using the information gained from the Oracle and the other pieces of wreckage discovered through the graveyard, the fleet discovers more information about the ancient Progenitor Empire. They hyperspace into the location of the Dreadnaught, alone and protected by intense power fluctuations from all the surrounding wreckage. Fleet Intelligence recommends sending scouts to confirm the location of the Dreadnaught, but doing so activates the Keeper, an AI destroyer-class vessel who is tasked with protecting their empire from being discovered. Using movers, the fleet captures the Dreadnaught, while defending the operation using their own vessels, but the Keeper continually jumps away which prevents their conventional weapons from destroying them, but they discover power modules that might be useful. The trigger devices are found and the Keeper is trapped, but they must leave quickly due to the build up of the distortion field from the activation of the power modules.

Strategy Edit

This mission is mostly peaceful, but it will turn hostile and there won't be much restbite when the Dreadnaught is found.

Use the calm period to reorganise your fleet, not only for this mission, but the preceding mission. You should have a maximum count of Torpedo Frigates, as well as Destroyers. A minimum of six movers are needed to acquire the Dreadnaught, so make sure to have the maximum. Note that, after the end of this mission, movers will become meaningless and serve no further purpose to the fleet.

When you've built up a decent fleet, either send the whole fleet to the Dreadnaught location or move the Pride of Hiigara towards it. It is recommended to move the Pride towards the Dreadnaught location, if only to reduce the amount of losses to the fleet. As the fleet reaches it, a cutscene will show the Dreadnaught and the activation of the Keeper, a super capital ship class vessel that can literally tear up your Destroyers. It will launch small drones that can do some hefty damage to your fleet, so use your strike craft to keep them distracted.

When the Dreadnaught has been captured, the Drones will target the Movers being used to transport it, eventually resulting in the Keeper attempting to destroy the fleet. At this point, it is simply only necessary to keep the fleet surviving throughout the onslaught of the Progenitor AI ships. Eventually, you'll need to recover trigger devices after securing the Dreadnaught, which will require movers again.

After they've been used on the power modules, the Keeper will be trapped and allowing the fleet to escape with their new warship.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a second, empty dreadnought berth, probably the berth of the dreadnought that Makaan took as he has one. The empty berth is at the right hand side of the map.

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