Great Wastelands
HW2 Great Wastelands
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Defeat Keepers
Dock Dreadnaught with Bentus
Defend Bentus
Mission Navigation

In Mission 10, the Pride of Hiigara is unexpectedly pulled out of hyperspace by the Keepers of Sajuuk, who will stop at nothing to prevent Sajuuk from being awakened again.


While the Hiigaran's make their way to Thaddis Sabbah, they are pulled out of hyperspace by the Keepers of Abassid, a specialist faction of the Progenitors who were dedicated to protecting the reawakening of Sajuuk. While battling the Keeper's, the Hiigaran's become aware of their ability to "phase out" and return with all health recovered. Soon, Bentus arrives with the offer to repair the Hiigaran's damaged Progenitor Dreadnaught and to restore the Great Cannon. However, soon after repairs are completed, the Keepers return and instead of focusing attacks on the Hiigaran's, they begin attacking Bentus. After several minutes of battling them, Bentus decides that the only way to destroy them is to be "taken with them". Karan immediately notices that the Bentusi are planning to overload their hyperspace core to consume the Keepers in the outlying blast. While the Hiigaran's retreat successfully, the Keepers do not and continue regardless of the outcome.


Compared to the difficulty of the previous mission, this mission is actually really easy. Begin rebuilding the almost destroyed fleet, while using whatever Destroyers that are left, along with the Dreadnaught to attack the Keepers. Keep an eye on the sensors manager to find out where the Keepers are reappearing after phasing out, because they will go after the Shipyard Naabal after a short while. Once Bentus arrives, protect it with the rebuilt fleet while it repairs the Dreadnaught. Since this mission is focused on survival, rebuilding the fleet and defending Bentus is the only objective.


  • Even though no message appears that all resources were collected at the end of the mission, all resources are collected anyway.

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