Progenitor Foundry
M07 Progenitor Foundry
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Investigate derelict hulks
Build movers to clear the debris
Defend Fleet from Vaygr
Mission Navigation

In Mission 7, the Pride of Hiigara is pulled from hyperspace by various Progenitor wreckage and must battle a large Vaygr fleet that is determined to stop the Hiigaran's reaching the Progenitor Dreadnaught.

Overview Edit

Analysis has been completed, which indicated the Oracle was redirecting the fleet to its last known position in the galaxy. Information provided by the Oracle indicates the wreckage it activated was part of a large Progenitor Mothership, which broke apart centuries ago and has been continuing to drift through the graveyard. Before the fleet can head to the location of the Dreadnaught, they are pulled from hyperspace by anomalous signals interfering with the quantum waveform. While building the fleet, the Vaygr activates a probe and launches attacks on the fleet, protected by the high levels of radiation from the derelict hulks. Eventually, the enemy is defeated, and the fleet uses its own Movers to destroy the wreckage to move towards their target.

Strategy Edit

The mission will start peaceful, but it won't last this way forever. Start research the Destroyer and queue the maximum number that can be built. Rebuild your strike craft and frigates, while harvesting some resources from the nearby clump: you will want to retire some Torpedo Frigates to replace them with Ion Cannon Frigates.

At some point, the Vaygr will launch a probe from distance: destroying it will only serve to delay the inevitable and enemy forces will hyperspace in. They are protected from the Hiigaran fleet because they are using shielded carriers to sit in the radiation clumps, making them difficult to reach. Fortunately, if you've sent a probe to one of the hulks, you will have some movers, which you can use to destroy the contaminated hulks.

Enemy forces will attack from multiple angles and in large waves, so keep close to the Mothership (moving it if necessary) and push to destroy the carriers first. They may start harvesting resources, so make sure to destroy the collectors to stop them sucking away any precious resources that you will need for later missions. Once the carriers have fallen, the task of eliminating the Vaygr will become easier, as the nearby Shipyard only builds a small amount of enemy forces and eventually stops, leaving it vulnerable.

Once the debris and Vaygr are destroyed, the mission is completed. You can delay the hyperspace jump by not destroying the marked debris, giving you time to rebuild if you wish.

Trivia Edit

  • Only the marked debris needs to be destroyed: destroying any other hulks does not count towards completing the objective, but destroying the other hulks will make it far easier to destroy the enemy forces.
  • There are enemy movers here, but they will not pose much of a threat. Just don't use your own movers against the Vaygr, they will simply be lost.

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