Return to Hiigara
M15 Hiigara Siege
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Defend Hiigara
Destroy Planet Killers
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In Mission 15, the Hiigarans return to their Homeworld to defeat the remaining Vaygr forces and lift the siege of Hiigara.

Overview Edit

Now in possession of the Sajuuk, the Hiigaran fleet returns to their Homeworld, only to find that the Vaygr are launching a large assault and their defence forces are nearly gone. The fleet spring into action and attempt to defend against the Vaygr, but soon after their arrival, a new and unknown threat arrives. The fleet realises the new threat are Surface Bombardment Platforms which are planning to destroy the atmosphere, using the same deprivation weapons that destroyed Kharak. They realise the armor of the Planet Killers is so great that they are forced to use Sajuuk to destroy the shields. Eventually, the platforms are destroyed and the Vaygr flee to hyperspace, no longer posing any threat to the galaxy.

Strategy Edit

This mission starts off easy, but will turn very difficult. When exiting hyperspace, there are many Shipyards around the map that are reinforcing the assault against Hiigara. Now that the Pride of Hiigara has been lost in Balcora, the Shipyard now serves as the only ship capable of building super capital ships: if any have been lost, rebuild them. If there are any carriers in the fleet, set build queues for platforms, ion cannon frigates and interceptors. The interceptors will be necessary for the final attack.

Use the main battle group of capital ships, including the Dreadnaught, to distract the Vaygr. Meanwhile, send Sajuuk over to the ping on the left and attack the Shipyard. This is only intended to be a distraction, for the Planet Killers will enter. As soon as one has entered, focus Sajuuk on the nearest one. The main goal is to simply keep the Vaygr distracted, while using Sajuuk to destroy the Planet Killers and interceptors to destroy the missiles that it fires. Any other strike craft, such as bombers or corvettes, can be used to destroy the missiles.

This mission is primarily about preparation for the attack by the Planet Killers. Once all three are gone, the mission ends and the game is complete!

Trivia Edit

  • Do not attempt to move Sajuuk via convential drives. The ship is far too slow: just use hyperspace, especially as it's cheap and you'll have well in excess of 200,000 RUs to perform the jumps.
  • Sajuuk's secondary weapons are capable of wiping out nearly any capital ship quickly. The Vaygr might use flanking attacks to attack Sajuuk, so use these secondary weapons to get rid of them.
  • Despite Sajuuk's heavy armor, the Vaygr will use a very large number of ships which can result in its destruction. Keep it protected and hyperspace if it is getting damaged.

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