M01 Tanis
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Harvest Resources
Build Fighter Facility
Build Interceptor Squadron
Destroy Target Drones
Defeat Vagyr Forces
Protect Mothership
Secondary Ojectives
Build Bomber Squadron
Mission Navigation

In Mission 1, the Pride of Hiigara launches from Tanis Base to begin the trials, but has to flee to Hiigara when a huge Vaygr fleet arrives to destroy the ship.


The introduction cutscene shows the path of the Hyperspace Cores and that the End Times are near, because the Vaygr Leader Makaan found the 3rd Hyperspace Core and his goal is to reawaken the Sajuuk Progenitor Ship. Karan S'jet decides that it is time to build another Mothership and defeat Makaan.

Shortly after engine tests have completed, Fleet Intelligence goes online and begins the Tanis Trials, which include resourcing, building ships and subsystems, along with combat. Soon after the Target Drones are destroyed, Chimera Station reports a large Vaygr strike force arriving. Eventually, the Pride of Hiigara leaves Tanis for Hiigara.


As the first mission, this is mostly a tutorial for those who haven't played the previous games in the series. Follow all instructions and take time to harvest the many resources. Battles won't commence until the destruction of the target drones, giving time to build some sort of fleet, ready for the next mission. Make sure to build a few squadrons of interceptors, but have enough resources for building bombers, which are needed for the next mission!


  • Sometimes the side door can become glitched. This does not effect the mission in any way.

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