Coruc-Tel System
M03 Coruc Tel
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Find Clee-San
Send Mimic to Clee-San
Clear Path for Clee-San
Mission Navigation

Coruc-Tel Sector is the third mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign. The Kuun-Lan needs to rescue the Clee-San from the Turanic Raiders before it's too late...

Overview Edit

The derelict is found to be a Beacon Pod containing technology never before seen in the galaxy. The Somtaaw Kiith-Sa recommends seeking the Clee-San to find out more...

Objectives Edit

  • Find Clee-San
  • Send Mimic to Clee-San
  • Clear Path for Clee-San

Research Edit

Strategy Edit

Another very simple mission. Set the Workers to harvest the meagre resources present and move the Kuun-Lan all the way to the ping. The ACVs should be set to guard the Command Ship, as there are several enemy vessels here, including a Minelayer Corvette.

Shortly after passing the resource patch, some Mines will be detected. Use evasive ACVs to destroy them, then push forward to deal with the enemy. After getting closer, the Kuun-Lan realises that their friendly research ship has been placed in a globe of mines and will be destroyed if it moves. Unfortunately, the Clee-San is trying to transmit something but the jamming is too strong. Build a Mimic and set it to mimic an enemy ship and move it as close as possible to the Clee-San.

This will result in many mines being made visible, but destroy only the ones marked out by Tactical. Once the Clee-San is docked, hyperspace away. There's no reason to stick around.

Trivia Edit

  • A large Turanic Raider fleet will hyperspace in at some point if the player chooses not to hyperspace. This fleet is too large and can't be beaten.

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