Gulf Sector
M15 Gulf Sector
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Destroy Gate Nodes
Defend Fleet
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Gulf Sector is the fifteenth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm and involves stopping the Bentusi from leaving the Galaxy.

Overview Edit

The prisoner from the captured Taiidan ship reveals that the Naggarok is heading towards a Taiidan Republican shipyard on the edges of the sector, which they believe is building a defence station called the Nomad Moon. The Siege Cannon has also been adapted to the Beast sample, but still doesn't work, although similarities to Bentusi technology have been noted, requiring the fleet to find some Bentusi Exchanges for assistance...

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy Gate Nodes

Research Edit

Strategy Edit

The mission starts simple enough, but becomes annoying, as a result of the Bentusi. Simply move the entire fleet forward towards the ping, then use your ships to attack the nodes on the slipgate. However, doing this angers the Bentusi, who launch Super Acolytes.

These fighters are immensely strong and just a single squadron of five can virtually decimate the fleet. Deal with slipgate nodes as quickly as you can, then just attack the exchanges until they stop attacking, but avoid destroying any of them!

Once they've decided to help, harvest the resources here and leave. Retire all your ACVs and some Workers to build another Dreadnought.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, Tactical or Command will not tell you about any of the new technology upgrades that become available at the start.
  • There is a random chance for a single line of dialogue to not be triggered by the Bentusi. However, it is unknown what triggers this bug, but it will "play" in the background and not prevent the other dialogue from playing normally.
  • When Command ignores the request to hyperspace, the battle can be ended quickly by allowing a Bentusi Exchange to destroy a capital ship. This may also cause the single dialogue line from the Bentusi to be played properly.

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