Location Unknown
M13 Location Unknown
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Destroy Enemy Ships
Support Faal-Corum
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Location Unknown is the thirteenth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm and involves an ambush by the Taiidan Imperialist.

Overview Edit

The nav personnel of the Turanic Raiders are aboard the Kuun-Lan, but one manages to slip away from all the security and sets a bomb aboard...

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy Enemy Ships
  • Support Faal-Corum

Strategy Edit

Unfortunately, things went wrong. It seems the Turanic Raiders placed a saboteur aboard the Kuun-Lan to disable it and give the astrogation data to the Taiidan Imperialists.

Depending on the mission difficulty, there may be a large enemy force present here. Simply attack the incoming Heavy Cruisers and Destroyers with your own Destroyers, while using your ACVs to attack the incoming fighters, which include Attack Bombers. The systems aboard the Kuun-Lan will slowly come back online over time and will need to be protected from the large incoming attacks.

Eventually, the Faal-Corum will arrive and provide support ships to assist. Locate the enemy Carrier and destroy it quickly. Once the enemy is defeated, regroup your fleet and harvest. Retire the free Ramming Frigates and Ion Cannon Frigates, as these will be taking up unnecessary space in your fleet: the free Destroyers will need to be force-attacked and cannot be retired. Leave when ready.

Trivia Edit

  • While never exactly stated, it is possible that the Kuun-Lan arrived in the Great Nebula, since this mission shares the same background as the Cathedral of Kadesh. Alternatively, the nebula could be an entirely different one which looks similar. Neither hypothesis has been confirmed.
  • If playing at Normal difficulty or above, the Kuun-Lan will constantly be harassed with fighter squadrons. Keep your ACVs focused on these, while using Destroyers to attack everything else.

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