Outskirts of Kadiir Nebula
M07 Outskirts Kadiir Nebula
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Investigate Mayday Signal
Protect Convoy from Beast Missiles
Mission Navigation

Outskirts of Kadiir Nebula is the seventh mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign and involves the protection of a Taiidan Republican convoy.

Overview Edit

The personnel aboard the Kuun-Lan has finally decoded the data from the Beacon Pod, which explains how the Beast came into being: the Naggarok picked up the virus during hyperspace. Immediately, they realised the destructive nature, but their efforts to contain the virus failed...

Objectives Edit

  • Investigate Mayday Signal
  • Protect Convoy from Beast Missiles

Research Edit

Strategy Edit

This is a short mission and only involves the defence of a friendly Taiidan Republic convoy from the Beast.

As soon as you gain control of your fleet, move everything towards the ping, including the Kuun-Lan. You need about 50 Acolytes here, so unlink any ACVs and build the remainder. Everything else should be docked in the Kuun-Lan and kept there, otherwise they'll just be destroyed.

Eventually, a group of Cruise Missiles will attack the Colony Ships. Split your Acolytes into three groups that covers the majority of the map and attack the missiles. They're very weak and will go down fast. Your only objective is to ensure that at least one of the Colony Ships makes it through the Slipgate.

Just keep attacking the enemy forces that enter and make sure any infected Colony Ship is destroyed fast, as they will produce missiles that will hassle your Command Ship. Once all the enemy is defeated, rebuild your fleet and harvest the meagre resources to be found here. Make sure to have at least two Ramming Frigates for the next mission...

Trivia Edit

  • The position of the Cruise Missiles is random. Therefore, the mission's difficulty will be based on the position of your ships.
  • It is impossible to save all the transports, as the game is scripted to ensure that at least one Colony Ship will be subverted.

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