Turanic Outpost
M11 M12 Deep Space
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Defend Command Ship
Attack Turanic Outpost
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Turanic Outpost is the twelfth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm and involves an attack on a base to obtain starchart information.

Overview Edit

The astrogation team from the Faal-Corum has decoded the location data from the Beacon Pod, but the area is far too large to search. Command suggests attacking an outpost which would have the necessary data...

Objectives Edit

  • Defend Command Ship
  • Attack Turanic Outpost

Strategy Edit

Another fairly simple mission. All you need to do is attack the outpost until it submits and gives up the data that the fleet needs.

Simply group everything around the Kuun-Lan and move it to the ping on the sensors manager. Your battle group of Destroyers and ACVs will keep the Kuun-Lan protected from the large attacks. Once you have neared the outpost, destroy the Attack Carrier to prevent it producing more reinforcements, then just attack the outpost until it submits.

At some point, just before it submits, a Taiidan Imperialist fleet will enter, but it will pose no threat and leave fairly quickly. Harvest the resources here before leaving, but be aware of the mines!

Trivia Edit

  • When the Outpost becomes friendly, you can select it and it will select every component of the Kuun-Lan and your Carriers. Why this happens is unknown, but it allows you to upgrade some of the parts of the Kuun-Lan (for what purpose is unexplained)
  • Make sure all Workers and ACVs are docked in the Carriers and not the Kuun-Lan before leaving. It'll help you for the next mission...

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