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Diamond Shoals
M06 Diamond Shoals
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Protect Mothership
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In Mission 6, decrypting the information from the captured Taiidan Assault Frigate reveals the location of many Taiidan outposts. To avoid these outposts, the Mothership Fleet plots a course through an asteroid field, and a thick nebula. The fleet emerges from Hyperspace only to find that it hasn't quite cleared asteroid field. Prepare for collisions!

Mission ObjectivesEdit



You emerge from hyperspace in a turbulent asteroid field, with massive space rocks flying directly at your fleet! As soon as you can, get everything larger than a corvette out of the way of the asteroid field; those massive rocks do massive damage! Use your more agile strike craft (Interceptors, Defenders, and those Heavy Corvettes) to clear your path. Anything bigger will have a hard time dodging the massive flying rocks. It'll be tempting to build Attack Bombers, but hold off on that. They'll be useless in the next mission. Instead, if you don't have enough strike craft for this one, build more defenders. They actually do quite a bit of damage to those rocks.

If you're having a hard time spotting the rocks that will hit your mothership, position the camera above and behind her. This view will make spotting those dangerous rocks easy. Still though, you're bound to take some hits. Use a Repair Corvette or two to patch your wounds. Support Frigates are large, and will probably take some hits from the asteroids unless you park them directly behind your Mothership. Note that harvesting won't work until after you bust up a few of the large asteroids.

This mission isn't too difficult, after all, there's nobody shooting at you. Just bust up rocks and keep your Mothership in good repair and you'll be done in no time. After clearing the belt, the Bentusi arrive and sell Drone Tech. Buy it if you have the RUs, and maybe build a few Drone frigates; you'll be pitted against a ton of fighters in the next few mission, and drone frigates chew fighters to pieces. Hyper out once all resources are harvested.


  • Don't skip the introductory cutscene that plays before this mission starts! If you do, you'll immediately lose a frigate because of an asteroid.
  • You may want to use Capital Ships only in this mission. Their firepower is stronger to take out more asteroids.