Headshot Asteroid
Ship Information
Kamikaze Ship
Ship Type
Non-Combat Class
Technical Information
200,000 tons
35 m/s2
1000 m/s

The Headshot Asteroid was a superweapon designed and fielded by the Taiidan Empire. It was essentially a large asteroid with a large series of engines built into its bored out core. It was designed as an emergency solution for the fast-approaching Kushan fleet approaching Hiigara, as all of the Empire previous attempts to intercept and destroy the fleet had failed as they pushed deeper into the Inner Rim.

During the final hours of the Homeworld War, the Kushan Mothership was pulled out of hyperspace near the outskirts of the Hiigara system, in an area known as Chapel Perilous. The Headshot Asteroid lay in the Mothership's path, and it had a massive escort fleet to protect it while it set out on a deliberate collision course with the Mothership. If the Asteroid hit, there would be no chance of survival. The Kushan fleet immediately intercepted the Headshot Asteroid and engaged with the enemy warships defending it en route. Despite the sheer size of the escort fleet and the strength of the Asteroid, Kushan forces managed to destroy the monolithic monstrosity and escape to Hiigara before the Taiidan could overwhelm the fleet.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The music when the Headshot Asteroid is in the cutscene is the same music Relic plays in some of their games, when their company logo is shown before the game.

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