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Heidi Ernest

Heidi Ernest is a Canadian singer in the folk-inspired band The Western Investor who voiced Karan Sjet in Homeworld and Fleet Intelligence in Homeworld: Cataclysm.

For Homeworld 2, Fleet Command was voiced by Jennifer Graveness, causing fans to protest who wanted the original voice of Karan Sjet in the second game as well.

It is also known that Heidi Ernest lent her voice for several other computer games, her first role being in the Independence Day video game (1997), other notable productions being NHL 2001 (2000), SSX 3 (2003) and FIFA Street (2005).

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Homeworld 2, when player creates profile named Arioch an Easter Egg is shown when player dies during skirmish play (watch with sound):
EH Heidi Ernest Arioch00:16

EH Heidi Ernest Arioch

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