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The Hiigara System is the native system of the Hiigarans.


It contained 6 planets, with the largest one located in the outermost orbit. The only inhabited planet in the system was Hiigara. Until circa 3,000 BHL, Hiigara was the capital of the Hiigaran Empire and home to 6 billion citizens. Later on it was conquered by the Taiidan Empire, who made it Hiigara the capital of the Empire and constructed the Imperial Palace in the capital city. When the Empire was defeated in the Homeworld War, Hiigara once again was the capital of the exiled Hiigarans. In this time the Kushan Mothership become the artificial moon of Hiigara, as a stationary shipyard. However, it was most likely destroyed or scrapped prior to the Homeworld 2 Era.

Major Battles and IncursionsEdit

The first known major battle to occur in the Hiigara System took place circa 3000 BHL between the Hiigaran Navy and the Bentusi. The battle resulted in the utter destruction of the Hiigaran Navy, and the Sajuuk's Wrath eventually crashed on the surface of the Angel Moon. Later on, the Taiidan slaughtered millions of people on those worlds allied with the Hiigarans and launched a massive invasion of Hiigara itself. The Hiigarans were evacuated in a single month from the planet, and the Taiidan executed or enslaved everyone who was left behind.

The next major battle to occur within Hiigara's vicinity took place in 9510 GSY during the Homeworld War, when the Kushan attacked the Taiidan hyperspace inhibitors network. The destruction of this network cleared a path to Hiigara itself. In the decisive Battle of Hiigara, the Kushan fleet, supported by the Taiidan Rebellion managed to destroy the Taiidan Elite Guard and kill Riesstiu IV the Second on board his flagship. This spectacular victory resulted in the collapse of the Taiidan Empire and the Kushan once again laid claim to their beloved homeworld after an exile that lasted for thousands of years.

Since then Hiigarans reclaimed their homeworld that year, they were regularly attacked by the Taiidan Imperialist Faction in the years 9514, 9519, 9521 and 9525 GSY. In each attack they were repelled by the Hiigaran Navy.

100 years after the end of the Homeworld War, the Siege of Hiigara began in which the Vaygr Fleet invaded the entire sector and initiated the orbital bombardment of Hiigara's surface. However, thanks to Sajuuk, the Vaygr forces were eventually forced to retreat and Hiigara was liberated.

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