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Hiigaran Battlecruiser
Hiigaran battlecruiser
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
4000 RUs
Technical Information
1.9 m/s2
69 m/s2
2 Dual Heavy Ion Cannons
4 Arbiter Kinetic Burst Cannons
4 Pulsar Beams

The Hiigaran Battlecruiser was the largest combat vessel produced by the Hiigaran navy during the second homeworld era. The primary weapons of the Battlecruiser were Heavy Ion Cannon turrets, each one able to generate two long range beams capable of taking down a frigate with a single salvo long before the frigate could come close to its own weapons range. Additional armaments included Arbiter Kinetic Burst Cannons capable of taking down corvettes, and heavily damaging most capital ships. These cannons were mounted on the sides and the forward section of the Battlecruiser, allowing it to aim at several targets at a time.


Because it lacked an anti-fighter armament, the ship itself could not withstand heavy bomber attacks and therefore was usually escorted by multiple anti-fighter units. Each Battlecruiser was capable of repairing strike craft in its hangar bay, allowing its escort to withstand heavier fighter attacks and recover from damage between skirmishes. Battlecruisers could have up to two modules built: the Fire Control Tower which would improve the targeting abilities of the weapons of the Battlecruiser and its escorts, the Hyperspace Module which would allow the Battlecruiser and nearby ships to make tactical jumps during battle, the Hyperspace Inhibitor which blocks enemy reinforcements from jumping in too close, and the Cloak Generator which allows the Battlecruiser and nearby ships to cloak for a short time.

Hiigaran Battlecruisers are more flexible and defensible than their Vaygr counterparts. While the Vaygr battlecruiser must point itself at a target to engage it with its Trinity Cannon, the Hiigaran version can fire at targets from nearly any direction. Due to the forward nature of its armament, a Vaygr battlecruiser can be almost completely paralyzed by disabling its engine subsystem, as it can no longer aim its primary weapons. Conversely, a Hiigaran battlecruiser is much less vulnerable as all three of its subsystems must be disabled in order to cripple the vessel.

Even so, the Hiigaran Battlecruiser's positioning of the massive ion cannons (one in the dorsal and one in the ventral positions) mean that the combat effectiveness is reduced by half when attacking from above or below, as only one cannon is able to harm the target. As the Vaygr Battlecruiser notably possesses essentially omnidirectional missile launchers, this gives an edge to a clever Vaygr commander by simply hyperspacing on top of a Hiigaran Battlecruiser.

Though the Hiigaran Battlecruiser was one of the largest combat ships the Hiigarans ever built, there were larger ships available to them, including Sajuuk's Wrath, a ship built around 6525 GSY, Tanis Station, the Progenitor Dreadnaught and the Hiigaran Shipyard.


  • The TEC's superweapon from Sins of a Solar Empire, the Novalith Cannon bears a quite considerable resemblance to the Hiigaran Battlecruiser, due to its flat shape and similar 'prongs'.

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