"The crew of the Mothership is making an emergency departure" — Homeworld 2 Fleet Intelligence

Crew Transport
Crew transport
Ship Information
Fleet Transport
RU Cost
480 RUs
Technical Information
40 m/s
2 Hull Defence Guns
2 Light Kinetic Guns

The Hiigaran Crew Transport was a heavy transport ship designed for mass personnel transport. The ship was lightly armed, so it could not fight effectively against combat units. Therefore, Crew Transports were organized into convoys flying with fighter escort. Each transport had a hangar bay to load and unload personnel, and a large engine array containing 6 fusion engines. There was also a bridge on the starboard side.

Bishop ConvoyEdit

The Bishop convoy was a group of six Crew Transports and light fighter escort. As Vaygr forces closed in on Hiigara (after Tanis Station was destroyed) the crew of the Pride of Hiigara was loaded onto the Crew Transports and sent to the rally point near the Angel Moon to meet the Mothership. However, as they closed on the rally point the Crew Transports were attacked by Vaygr strike crafts. Hiigaran fighters successfully repelled the initial attack, and with the assistance of the fleet Ferin Sha (led by Captain Soban), the Mothership fleet drove off all of the Vaygr forces. In addition to the Mothership crew, Bishops 5 and 6 were carrying elite strike craft pilots (for bombers and corvettes, respectively).

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