Political information
Type of government

Parliamentary confederation

Head of State

Sa of Sas

Executive branch
Legislative branch

New Daiamid

Societal information


Official language(s)

Galactic Common, Kushan language

Official colour(s)

Horizon blue base and silver stripe

Historical information
Formed from

Kharakian government

Date of establishment

9510 GSY


The Hiigarans, after reaching Hiigara, became a well-established empire and controlled much of the Inner Rim. After generations in exile and a perilous journey across known and unknown space, the Hiigarans have reclaimed their home planet. Seeking peace, they found only chaos. The Galactic Council that had once expelled them from their home lay in ruins, a shadow of its former self. Desperate to maintain their power, their struggles had turned inward, each race determined to protect their own interests, rather than those of the Galaxy.

However, the true test for the Hiigarans may not have been merely the threat of the warring Vaygr, but in the prophecy that SajuukHe Whose Hand Shapes What Is – will return and herald the coming of the End Time. The Hiigarans, as always, were divided along religious lines: a number of apocalyptic sects saw portents of doom everywhere. To these fanatics, the rumor that their enemies the Vaygr were the Sajuuk-Khar was a dire omen and proof of Sajuuk's anger.

In response, a new mothership was constructed, named the Pride of Hiigara, at the Tanis Shipyards to combat the increasing threat of the Vaygr invasion. In order to claim the peace and safety she promised her people when she first set foot upon Hiigara, Karan S'jet must once again prepare for war.

Shortly after the mothership was created, the Vaygr attacked Tanis and destroyed the base, with the mothership managing to escape only through its far jump core. Soon after the Vaygr reached Hiigara and began a siege. After Sajuuk was found the Hiigarans broke the siege and defeated the Vaygr and are currently the dominant government of the Galaxy.


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