This is the article on the Somtaaw frigate. If you are looking for the article on the similar frigate developed by the Kushan, see Drone Frigate.

Hive Frigate
Hive frigate
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft. Anti-Frigate
Ship Type
RU Cost
575 RUs
Technical Information
9,900 tons
390 m/s
2 Medium Mass Drivers
6 Drones

The Hive Frigate is an Anti-Strike Craft unit designed to fight both heavy, slow corvettes and small agile bombers.

Background Edit

The Hive Frigate design evolved from the Drone Frigate, which was retired after the Homeworld War. Its drones proved vulnerable to fire from enemy starfighters, and when combined with a slow rebuilding rate and a lack weaponry on the frigate itself, it made the frigate a very easy target for large groups of strike craft. Eventually, Puppeteers were used only as rear area guards or for small-scale attacks on small groups of strike craft.

However, this concept was researched once again by Somtaaw engineers, who reconciled the idea of AI drones in their study of the Swarmer, an agile fighter with minimal weaponry and armor. This would spawn the Attack Drone and remove complicated equipment previously required to control the 24 drones of a Puppeteer. The overall equipment necessary to maintain only 6 drones made the Hive-class Frigate smaller and faster than its precursor, and also allowed it to incorporate two Medium Mass Drivers.

All these upgrades enabled the Hives to become far more combat-effective than the Puppeteer could ever have been. Through a large portion of the Beast War, Hives were the only frigates the Somtaaw used, and at this time they fulfilled the role of an Anti-Strike Craft frigate, but also it supported corvettes that were attacking enemy capital ships and did well in disrupting resource-gathering operations.

The Hive Frigate is better at putting concentrated firepower on one target than the Multi Beam Frigate making it Kiith Somtaaw's best option for frigate-to-frigate combat, but this is still sadly inferior to dedicated anti-capital ship frigates in this area. Until the Destroyer becomes available, and of course the Dreadnought, Somtaaw remains very vulnerable in capital ship combat.

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References Edit

  1. Homeworld: Cataclysm manual
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