Cataclysm manual cover

Manual cover

The Homeworld: Cataclysm Manual was a 144 page book added to boxed version of Homeworld: Cataclysm. It described history of the Kushan during their life on Kharak, journey to Hiigara and the events on Hiigara itself up to 15 AHL. The book was also a gameplay guide. It contained a lot of detail about the game universe that was not included in Homeworld.


  1. Historical Brief
  2. Technical Brief and Gameplay Guide
    • Installation
    • Game Controls
    • Options
    • Game Play
  3. Tech Trees
    • Somtaaw Module Tech Tree (Multiplayer)
    • Somtaaw Tech Tree (Multiplayer)
    • Beasts Tech Tree (Multiplayer)
  4. Ships
    • Kiith Somtaaw Vessels
    • Turanic Raider Vessels
    • Imperialist Taiidan Vessels
  5. Credits and Customer Support
    • Credits
    • Technical Support

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