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Homeworld: Raider Retreat
Raider Retreat
Technical Information
Release Date
Classic: 9th January 2000
Game Information
9510 GSY

Homeworld: Raider Retreat was a promotional version of Homeworld, added with the pre-order version of Homeworld: Cataclysm. The game was also known as Homeworld OEM or less commonly as Homeworld v. 1.51. It was released on an additional CD, and was a stand-alone version of Homeworld. Main features included an unlimited Multiplayer, a Skirmish vs CPU and Tutorial missions. Also, the game contained the first 4 missions of the Homeworld campaign and an additional fifth mission called Deep Space - Turanic Raider Planetoid, which was not included in the final version of the game.

Mission ListEdit

  1. Kharak System
  2. Outskirts of Kharak System
  3. Return to Kharak
  4. Great Wastelands
  5. Deep Space - Turanic Raider Planetoid


The game contains the first four single-player missions from the full release of Homeworld, but replaces mission five with the new mission.

The end of Mission 4 is altered, having Fleet Intelligence announce that they have tracked the Turanic Raiders' carrier to a small planetoid within the Great Wastelands.

In this mission, the Mothership Fleet hyperspaces into the area, and detects two Raider carriers retreating towards the planetoids' defense network.

Both the carriers and the escort fleets are to be destroyed before they reach the defenses.

After the destruction of the carriers, Fleet Intelligence announces their return to their original objective: The hunt for the enemy fleet that destroyed Kharak.

Reasons for ExclusionEdit

Sources indicate several reasons why the mission was cut from the final release version.

  • The developers felt that 16 missions was adequate.
  • It was felt that the mission was a detraction from the main feel of the game. (The Exiles were searching for their Homeworld, not hunting pirates)
  • Quality control.


Raider Retreat was the second pre-order bonus made available through Electronics Boutique, and was never available for general sale. Previously, Homeworld Armada Meltdown was made available through Electronics Boutique for people who pre-ordered the original Homeworld game.

It is unlikely that an original CD version is available for sale, and has not been re-released in recent years. It can however be downloaded legally, and does not require the full version of Homeworld to play.


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