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Homeworld Primas Official Strategy Guide

Homeworld Prima's Official Strategy Guide Cover

Homeworld Prima's Official Strategy Guide (ISBN 7615-1576-3) was guide written by Rick Barba with cooperation of Sierra Entertainment and published in 2004 by Prima Games. Guide is 161 pages long, available for $9,99 at Prima Games store.

Guide contains numerous quotes and inputs from Sierra Quality Assurance team. Each ship received few strategy tips from the team. Also detailed multiplayer strategy guide gives hints and strategies for each stage of online game. Part 2: Single Player Missions contains detailed guide thought single-player missions of Homeworld campaign. Mission objectives, fleet development guide for a mission, and finally - detailed walkthrough. This part contains numerous screenshots as well revealing most critical points of mission. The book ends with index of all keywords.


Part 1: General and Multiplayer Strategies

  • Chapter 1: General Strategies
    • Group Type Definitions
      • Defense Groups
      • Strike Group
      • Battle Group
      • Escort Group
      • Capture Group
    • The Homeworld Fleet
      • Fighter Class
      • Corvette Class
      • Frigate Class
      • Super Capital Class
      • Noncombat Class
    • Attacking
      • Strike Craft Tactics
      • Capital Ship Tactics
    • Defending
      • Escort Tactics
      • Defending the Mothership
    • Harvesting
      • Deploying Your Collectors
      • Attacking Enemy Collectors
      • Defending Your Collectors

Chapter 2: Multiplayer Strategies

  • The Big Question
  • The Ultimate Goal: Balance!
  • How to Develop Your Fleet
    • Early Phase: Harvest and Research
    • Middle Phase: Defend Supply Lines and Diversify the Fleet
    • Endgame Phase: The Mothership Rush
  • How to Adapt to Special Multiplayer Options
    • Short Games, Low Resources
    • Long Games, High Resources

Part 2: Single Player Missions

  • Chapter 3: The Kharak Missions
    • Mission 01: Kharak System
    • Mission 02: Outskirts of Kharak System
    • Mission 03: Return to Kharak
  • Chapter 4: The Asteroid Belt Missions
    • Mission 04: Great Wastelands
    • Mission 05: Great Wastelands
    • Mission 06: Diamond Shoals
  • Chapter 5: The Great Nebula Missions
    • Mission 07: The Gardens of Kadesh
    • Mission 08: The Cathedral of Kadesh
    • Mission 09: Deep Space—"Sea of Lost Souls"
  • Chapter 6: The Inner Rim Missions
    • Mission 10: Super Nova Research Station
    • Mission 11: Tenhauser Gate
    • Mission 12: Galactic Core
  • Chapter 7: The Hiigara Missions
    • Mission 13: The Karos Graveyard—"The Shining Hinterlands"
    • Mission 14: Bridge of Sighs
    • Mission 15: Chapel Perilous
    • Mission 16: Hiigara

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