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Homeworld Shipyards is a Homeworld website that serves as one of the primary fan-derived references. It was created and has been maintained by Relic Forums user Arioch and comprises of information on all the official ships in the Homeworld universe.

The site began in March 2000 under the name "Homeworld: Cataclysm Shipyards" and was originally derived as a fansite for the upcoming "expansion sequel" to the original Homeworld whose primary purpose would be to present information on the upcoming ships. It was hosted on Arioch's older website, "Arioch's Well of Souls" and was concieved as a branch-off page devoted exclusively to Homeworld. In time however, as the site grew larger and began to incorporate details on ships from the original Homeworld it became notewothy in its own right and changed to the name Homeworld Shipyards in August 2000.

Arioch continually updated the site, which remained hosted by Well of Souls, from 2000 to 2004. However, after the release of Homeworld 2 and the acquisition of Relic Entertainment by THQ, Homeworld Shipyards experienced a decline, along with many other Homeworld websites. It was widely believed that the Homeworld franchise had come to an end and as such, there was no new material for Arioch to post. Slowly Arioch turned away from Homeworld Shipyards and put more attention on his webcomic, Outsider.

In March 2006 Arioch, after experiencing some hosting problems with Well of Souls, changed Homeworld Shipyard's host to after the possibility was offered by ÜberJumper Since then Homeworld Shipyards wasn't updated, and is still missing several articles.

HWS and canonEdit

Homeworld Shipyards contain informations from canon sources, as well as it's own fan fiction. Texts marked white are usually copies from game manuals or quotes of game developers. Yellow are based on in-game files or other analysis, when blue texts are purely authors' creation. Still materials from HWS in most cases can be considered as low priority canon, as it's very deeply rooted in fans community, and doesn't stay against relic-delivered canon. Yet there are several mistakes on site making it unreliable as source of canon without any furtherer checks with other materials.

Homeworld Shipyards is mentioned in Special Thanks section of History of Hiigara: Prelude to the End Times, making it one of few fan-made websites to ever be mentioned in Homeworld documentation.

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