Hull defense guns vaygr

Vaygr Mobile Refinery firing it's two Defense Guns

Hull Defense Guns were commonly used onboard various Utility and Mothership Class vessels.

Basically these cannons were kinetic weapons fitted into hullpoints from which they could cover a wide angle and defend the ship from incoming bombers. These cannons were the first and last line of defense of most utility class vessels, as well as Carriers, Motherships and Flagships during Homeworld 2 Era for both Vaygr and Hiigaran forces.

Hiigaran Hull Defense Guns evolved from small Projectile Cannons commonly used onboard the older Carriers. These guns played the same role as more modern Hull Defense Guns, which had a slightly improved range and fire rate. This made them more efficient cannons, making attacks of lone bomber squadrons rather pointless, as they would be destroyed before having even a chance to seriously damage the target.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cannons used onboard carriers, resource controllers, motherships and other similar vessels weren't named anywhere else but the in-game files, where they can be found as mshulldefensegun, tanishulldefensegun or simply hulldefensegun.


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