Hyperspace Gate
Ship Information
Technical Information

A Hyperspace Gate is a device usually used by the Vaygr to swarm their enemy with small strike craft, while they wait for the Super Capital Ships to arrive. Hyperspace Gates are un-manned devices and can be moved only once. They can easily be destroyed by some Bombers or Capital Ships. In some missions, the Hyperspace Gates are linked to another and could be captured to lead the fleet to another location.

Hyperspace Gates were used in Mission 13 and Mission 14 of the original Homeworld, but unlike the Vaygr Hyperspace Gate, they could not be captured and are apparently marked as "Derelict Ship" in the Sensors Manager. They also make a strange humming noise when the camera is focused on them. In the Remastered Version the Mission 13 and 14 gates appear as "Claws" with a glowing green orb atop it.

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