The Hyperspace Inhibitor Network was a system of Hyperspace Inhibitors placed all around the Hiigara System at the order of the Taiidan Emperor.

History Edit

It is unclear exactly when this network was built. However, all of the inhibitors appeared to contain a different guard fleet, as the inhibitor visited and destroyed by the Mothership Fleet was the most vulnerable, containing only 150 Ion Frigates, several Destroyers, a Heavy Cruiser and a Carrier. It is possible that each inhibitor contained different capital ships, but since the destruction of the Taiidan Flagship, it is presumed that all the other inhibitor fields were destroyed or otherwise disabled.

Homeworld 2 Edit

The Vaygr employed a Hyperspace Inhibitor Network in the Gehenna System Outskirts but it was significantly weaker than the Inhibitors employed the Taiidan Emperor, nor were they built from scratch. Instead, these inhibitors were simply placed on pre-existing asteroids in the region.

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