The Ifriit-Naabal was an Ifriit-class Heavy Carrier built and used by The Coalition Of The Northern Kiithid that employed the older brother of Science Officer Rachel S'jet, Jacob S'jet, who was the First Officer of the Ifriit Naabal and the voice on the Heavy Carrier's Black Box, which Rachel S'jet retrived when the Expidition Carrier Kapisi found the Ifriit-Naabal at Hell's Gate. When the Kapisi found the Ifriit-Naabal it was half buried in the sand, and after retrieval by Rachel S'jet the recovered Black Box played a recording of First Officer Jacob S'jet, who revealed that the Ifriit-Naabal had been crippled by a sand dune that fell onto the Heavy Carrier after it retrieved an artifact from the Kalash Site. Rachel S'jet and her team extracted the artifact and incorporated it into the Kapisi. The Kapisi then leaves the abondoned Ifriit-Naabal in the sand while making way for the Kalsah Site and the Ifriit-Naabal most likely stayed there in the sand for a very long time, perhaps until the destruction of Kharak by the hands of the Taiidan Empire in the first Homeworld game.

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