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Ifriit-class Heavy Carrier
Ifriit Nabaal
Ship Information
Fleet Command
Desert Exploration
Technical Information
106,000 tons
12 57.5 main cannons
16 VRF Anti-Air batteries
14 Automated Anti-personnel Mortar Stations

The Heavy Carrier is a carrier design built by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid. By 1102 KDS at least one of these ships, the Ifriit-Naabal, was known to be in service.

Overview Edit

Ifriit-class Heavy Carriers are fully capable combat vessels built by the Coalition for desert exploration and combat. They were equipped with bays to house support vehicles as well as facilities for flight operations.

The only known ship in the class was the Ifriit-Naabal, the flagship of Operation Skaal Brii, which disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1106 KDS. In the aftermath of failure of Operation Skaal Brii, the limitations of the Ifriit-class became apparent as they were ill suited to long range desert operations. The Coalition of the Northern Kiithid took the lessons of the disaster and drew up plans for an improved carrier design, the Deep Carrier.

In 1110 KDS, the Ifriit-Nabaal's remains were found at Hell's Gate by Rachel S'jet. A Sensor Waveform Amplifier and its backup data drive were retrieved. The data drive revealed that the Ifriit had been trapped by a dune collapsing on it and had been ransacked by the Gaalsien, who were looking for the Sensor Waveform Amplifier they had retrieved from the Kalash. The only known survivor of the crew was the Kapisi's captain, Roman S'jet.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ifriit-Nabaal shares the same model of the Kapisi, but it has a 3 instead of a 5 on the bridge and its lifts are broken.
  • In the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak manual, this ship is designated as an Ifriit-class Heavy Carrier.

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