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Imperial flagship
Ship Information
Fleet Command
Ship Type
RU Cost
8000 RUs
Technical Information
5,000,000 tons
1933.7 metres
10 m/s2
50 m/s
5 Small Mass Drivers

The Imperial Flagship was the personal ship of the Taiidan Emperor and was the location where the Taiidan Empire was controlled and ruled from.


Most often called the Taiidan Mothership or Flagship, or sometimes jokingly called the "toaster" (mostly because the Kushan Mothership is often called the "banana"), the Imperial Flagship has a distinctive look very different from many other ships despite having exactly the same stats as its Kushan counterpart, adding to the exotic feel of the Taiidan. Below is a description of what little is known regarding the Flagship and its service during the events of Homeworld.


The ship's history is unknown. Its use is continued up until the end of the game at which point the Imperial Flagship, now commanding the Taiidan Elite Guard of the Taiidan Imperial Fleet becomes the target of both the Taiidan Rebels and the Kushan. At this point it is eventually destroyed and the battle for Hiigara ends with the Emperor's death.


Despite its massive size, the Taiidan Flagship doesn't have as much health as its size suggests. The relative weakness of the hull means that a small squad of ships, namely ion cannon frigates and destroyers could very easily overcome its weak hull defenses. Like the Kushan Mothership, the Taiidan Mothership has building options of all types and class of ships, but one advantage it has over the Kushan Mothership in contruction is the absence of the large hangar doors. Without the cumbersome hangar doors on the Kushan Mothership, Heavy Cruisers could be quickly produced and placed into use the instant they pop out of the Taiidan Mothership's underside.


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