Infiltrator Frigate
Infiltrator Frigate
Ship Information
Ship Capture
Ship Type
RU Cost
800 RUs
Technical Information
230 m/s
1 Missile Launcher
1 Flechette Cannon

The Infiltrator Frigate is the Vaygr ship and base capturing unit. Like it's Hiigaran equivalent, the Infiltrator Frigate boasts very few armaments and has no armour benefits over other frigates in the fleet, relying on speed as its defense. However, this ship has a unique look and feel, particularly whilst carrying out its primary role as a ship-to-ship boarding craft.

Overview Edit

Whilst carrying out a boarding action, this ship holds a stationary position above its target vessel and releases Infiltrator Pods from its hollow underbelly that carry Vaygr Insertion teams to their intended target, cutting through the enemy hull to deliver their payload. This method, however, can leave the Infiltrator frigate slightly more exposed to fire from supporting vessels than its Hiigaran equivalent, which moves into close proximity with its target to deliver its marine assault forces.

With very little weaponry, this ship is vulnerable to any conventional attack, particularly bombers. Their very presence in an engagement, due to their nature as a ship that can convert the enemy's own battle strength against them, tends to attract enemy fire away from other targets and individually they are only a threat to lone frigates. However, en masse, it is possible for a group of these ships to survive enemy fire and close with enemy capital ships, where upon they carry out their function with deadly efficiency, quickly overwhelming capital ships and converting their firepower to the side of the cap

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In Homeworld lore, the Infiltrator Frigate helps to emphasize the more brutal and warrior-like nature of the Vaygr in comparison to the Hiigrans. The fact that assault troops are dropped in pods from the frigate orbiting above leaves no line of retreat for failing forces, meaning that successful capture of the enemy vessel is the only way to ensure their survival.
  • Like all other Vaygr frigates, the Infiltrator frigate benefits from all armour and engine upgrades, although Infiltrator Pods research is an additional prerequisite to Infiltrator Frigate production.


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