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Blade Interceptor

Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
350 RUs
Technical Information
480 m/s
2 x Small projectile cannon

The Interceptor was often the first ship to enter the battlefield and the iconic vessel of the various Hiigaran fleets for several years following the Homeworld War.

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It was originally designed by Kushan engineers and scientists belonging to the "Blade Project", and despite its extreme usefulness by the time of the Beast War, the original Blades (Marks 1 through 4) were extremely dangerous and unreliable.

The Blade Project's original goals were to merely design an upgraded and refitted version of the Scout in the form of a new, more powerful "Heavy Interceptor". As time went on and old models of the Blade were scrapped the Heavy Interceptor simply became the Interceptor and was eventually simplified to excel at its single task: fighter-to-fighter combat. Versions 1 and 2, which followed the example of the Arrow were eventually scrapped for not being sufficiently worth the extra expenses needed to build them.

Marks 3 and 4 on the other hand were further upgraded so that they could also endure atmospheric flight and travel at speeds greater even than the Arrow. However, all these systems combined together to build up heating in the plasma vents which hence gave the pilots of these test flights the nickname "Bomb Jockey" as their prototype designs would often explode in flight.

Eventually, Fleet Intelligence was about to give up the project entirely and cut funds based on the failures of the first four models. Instead, a single engineer and a test pilot together refitted the Blade by cutting away the wings and using their hull to form thermal insulation. In addition they pulled away the extra speed of the Blade and finished with a fighter that while slower than the Arrow carried more firepower and, more significantly, it ceased to be a guided fireball.

The Mk. 5 employed a large twin rotary cannon inside the nose armor plates that provided the extra firepower that the Arrow lacked. In addition this armor provided not only cooling and a larger chassis but also better protection against enemy firepower. Even so, much of the Blade's troubled past still was tied to it and pilots were still known as "Bomb Jockeys" even in the days of the Beast War, when the upgraded Mk. 6 provided the base for much of the carrier fleets commanded by the various Kushan Kiithid.

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