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Triikor Interceptor

Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
55 RUs
Technical Information
60 tons
17.4 metres
975 m/s2
875 m/s
2 Small Mass Drivers

The Interceptor is the premier strike craft of the Taiidan Imperial Fleet and their patrols are the first line of defense for any Imperial fleet.

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Triikor wings were deadly arsenals of speed and firepower that surpassed the Scouts, able to take a heavy beating before being destroyed. Commonly known as interceptors, the Triikor silhouette was a chilling image of the Taiidani Empire's power until the Homeworld War.

The Triikor, unlike traditional fighters, does not have a centred weight of gravity. The Triikor uses two small mass drivers, which concentrate the mass of the fighter to one side. Ironically, this is quite similar to the style of design used in Kushan fighters of the Homeworld War, who often used an off-set cockpit (instead of an off-set centre of gravity). Though there are advantages in such a cockpit (the said added amount of firepower and the ability to change directions with less exchange of brutal centrifugal force) the difficulty in flying such a vehicle means that Taiidan pilots as well as Kushan pilots need special training to adapt to the odd design. However, pilots that are able to master the Triikor are highly feared and respected both on and off the battlefield.

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