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Jacob S'jet
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Character Information
Date of Birth
1072 KDS
Date of Death
1110 KDS
Physical Description

Lieutenant Jacob S'jet is the First Officer of the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid's Ifriit-class Heavy Carrier, the Ifriit-Naabal.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Jacob S'jet was born in northern Kharak on 1072 KDS and had at least one sibling, Rachel S'jet. He was educated at the S’jet Tech Creche in Honors Communication and a minor in EM Physics. He later joined the military and graduated first in his class from Tiir Command School in SIGNIT and Tactical Analysis.

Jacob later spent 3 years as part of a defense team and conducted counter insurgency missions with Northern Command. Operated with distinction while stationed at Stormbreaker fortresses Biaan, K’thtaal and Vriis. Intelligence officials tried to promote him to a desk position in Tiir but Jacob always wound up "demoting" himself to field operations.

Operation Skaal Brii Edit

Selected by a committee to be part of Operation Skaal Brii, Lieutenant Jacob S'jet was promoted to first officer of the Ifriit-Naabal under the command of Captain Deckhard Naabal. During the expedition his ship was swallowed by a massive sand dune near Hell's Gate that collapsed that breached the hull and killed the majority of the crew. Jacob survived and left a message for Rachel and any explorers that found his ship. He was then subsequently captured and imprisoned by Kiith Gaalsien.

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