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Junkyard Dog
Junkyard Dog
Ship Information
Captures Ships
Ship Type
RU Cost
250 RUs
Technical Information
400 tons
60.9 metres
450 m/s2
750 m/s

The Junkyard Dog was a corvette-sized vessel found in the Karos Graveyard, whose purpose was not entirely clear (though possibly its duties included protection of the graveyard's contents). It traveled through the Karos Graveyard via a series of Hyperspace Gates scattered throughout the area. Despite its speed, the vessel possessed extremely heavy armour, and while unarmed it had the the ability to capture any ship of up to super-capital size by means of a pair of 'jaws' at its prow. When it approached a ship, it used these jaws to latch on to and capture its target, before dragging the ship away and secreting it in one of many hiding places throughout the graveyard, apparently unfased by any efforts to escape. The Junkyard Dog attacked any ships that entered its territory, but rarely approached the Kushan Mothership, presumably regarding it as too large a mouthful.


  • The name of the Dog is often given in the slang form "Junkyard Dawg" after the in-game files for the ship being named "JunkYardDawg". Still though the mouse-over text for the ship in the game itself is "Junkyard Dog."
  • Gravity Well Generators can immobilize and trap the Junkyard Dog. After this it is possible to destroy the ship, however it takes a massive amount of firepower and time because of its heavy armor. It is also possible to make the Dog's work more difficult by destroying any slipgates in the area.
  • The similarities between the Mover and the Junkyard Dog can lead one to believe that the Junkyard Dog is a Progenitor vessel. The Green engine glow of the Junkyard Dog matches the Mover's green engine trails and the similar function also points to this connection.