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The Junkyard Office is a derelict that serves as a base of operations at the Karos Graveyard.


The Junkyard Office appears to be operated out of a derelict starship that had been destroyed many years prior to the Homeworld War. However, the vessel remains operational, as can be seen from the wide range of lights illuminating its interior. The Office primarily serves as a communications relay centre for whoever operates the Graveyard. It is located on the far end of the Graveyard and is protected by dozens of AI-controlled Auto Guns and the menace-making AI salvage ship named the Junkyard Dog. Few ships have ever succeeded in approaching the base.

The Homeworld WarEdit

During the Homeworld War, the Kushan were led to the Karos Graveyard by former Taiidan Captain Elson. Elson was a part of the Taiidan Rebellion, which was dedicated to destroying the Taiidan Empire's increasingly corrupt government. However, he could not act without reinforcements, so he decided to send a transmission to the Rebel Fleet by means of the Junkyard Office's communications station. Despite the resistance from the Graveyard's security, Kushan forces broke through the defenses and accessed the Junkyard Office unopposed. The signal was sent to the Rebellion, and they prepared their fleet for the assault on the Emperor at Hiigara.

Captain Elson then left on the Kapella in order to organize his forces, promising to return to join his Kushan allies in battle.


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