"If you will not join, then die. There is no withdrawal from the Garden" — Kadeshi Ambassador

The Kadeshi Ambassador travelled inside a Swarmer and later an Advanced Swarmer.

The Kadeshi Ambassador ship was first seen in the Garden of Kadesh when the Kushan Mothership came out of hyperspace and began to harvest the nebula with their Resource Collectors. The Kadeshi Mothership closed on the Kushan's position and launched the ambassador Swarmer, asking if the Mothership would join the Kadeshi or choose death. The Kushan offered to withdraw peacefully from the Nebula, however, the Ambassador refused, saying that there was no withdrawal from the 'Garden'.

The Ambassador was last seen in the Cathedral of Kadesh, where he once again offered the Kushan the chance to join the Kadeshi. The Kushan again refused, and Karan S'jet suggested that the homeworld the Kushan were seeking was the Kadeshi's as well. Overcome with the fear of the Taiidan, the Ambassador and the rest of the Kadeshi fleet attacked the Kushan, and the Ambassador most likely died in the following battle.


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