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Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
1350 RUs
Technical Information
26,000 tons
234.9 metres
39 m/s2
315 m/s
2 Large Ion Cannons
2 Large Projectile Cannons

The Kapella was a Destroyer formerly in the service of the Taiidan High Guard. It was commanded by Captain Elson prior to and during the Homeworld War.

At the onset of the Homeworld War, Captain Elson and those under his command had grown sympathetic to the plight of the Kushan after the Taiidan Emperor ordered the eradication of the Exiles on their homeworld. No longer content with the brutality and corruption of the Emperor's rule, Elson and his allies in the Taiidan Rebellion turned on their former leaders and triggered a civil war within the Empire. After the disastrous Battle of Vorshan's Rift, Elson fled from Imperial forces aboard the Kapella, eventually coming into contact with the Mothership Fleet.

Pursued by some several vessels from the Imperial Fleet, Elson informed the Mothership Fleet of his intention to defect and requested assistance as the Kapella raced for the Kushan Mothership at top speed. The Kushan, already engaging a separate Taiidan fleet that had attempted to trap them, sent their forces to relieve the damaged Kapella and soon routed her pursuers. In this event, now known as the Flight of the Kapella, Elson rendezvoused with his new allies and offered his help in bringing the Kushan closer to their homeworld, Hiigara.

From aboard the Kapella, Elson led the Kushan to the communications relay hidden in the Karos Graveyard. With their help, Elson reestablished contact with the rest of the Taiidan Rebellion and ordered them to proceed with the next phase of their campaign against the Emperor. With this success, Elson thanked the Kushan for their help, transferred data of most vulnerable hyperspace inhibitor around Hiigara and left aboard the Kapella to gather all remaining rebel forces for one last direct attack against the Emperor.

Shortly after the Kushan's arrival at Hiigara, Elson returned to aid his allies who were outnumbered in their final assault to take back their homeworld. Again commanding rebel forces from aboard the Kapella, Elson brought all of his surviving ships to Hiigaran orbit, having already lost much of his remaining fleet to Imperial forces while en route to Hiigara. Elson gave the Kushan command of several rebellion vessels, and then with the Kapella spearheaded the final attack on the Emperor's flagship. After several concentrated assaults, the combined Kushan and rebel forces finally destroyed the Emperor, securing the reclamation of the Exiles' homeworld. The Kapella itself survived the battle and Elson was proclaimed a hero across the galaxy.

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