Progenitor Flagship Bridge

The Lighthouse wreckage in Karos Graveyard with two other debris.

The Karos Lighthouse, or simply called 'The Lighthouse', is the prow section of the destroyed Progenitor Mothership. It is one of the debris in the Karos Graveyard, identified from the other hulks by a large 'antenna'.

Even though this mass of wreckage is labeled as debris, it still maintained power within – as did the rest of the Progenitor debris around it. Much of these hulks possessed some form of active production capabilities; they were all capable of continually producing Movers without any form of resupply or discernible materials processing. The first sign of any evidence that the Lighthouse was capable of nonhostile activity was during the Vaygr War; by request of its command/navigation subsystem, known to the Bentusi as the Oracle, the Lighthouse transmitted the location of the Gatekeeper of Sajuuk, a powerful progenitor relic within the Karos Graveyard to the Oracle's current carrier, and disabled the Movers that were being dispatched to eliminate the Pride of Hiigara, which was entirely at the command of the Oracle at the time. Without further information, the ongoing directive of the Karos Lighthouse and the remains of the Progenitor Mothership is still unclear – in all likelihood, the Lighthouse and its fellow remnants would again attack any vessel that might arrive there without some form of Progenitor IFF that could be automatically recognized. The Lighthouse, shown in the Diagram below, is the Bridge Section of the Progenitor Mothership.


Lighthouse concept art


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