Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Protection of the Progenitor Empire
Ship Type
Technical Information
161 m/s
2 Progenitor Ion Cannons
8 Progenitor Pulsar Beams
Hyperspace Inhibitor
Phase Out Generator

The Keeper is an anti-Capital Ship destroyer built to guard various Progenitor artifacts.

Background Edit

Each Keeper was roughly the size of a destroyer and was armed with two sustained fire Ion Cannons and eight Pulsar Beams. Each Keeper could also construct and deploy Progenitor Drones and project a defensive shield that protected itself against all conventional attacks.

When they were damaged, the Keepers would retreat by utilising their unique ability to Phase Out and return later at close to full strength.

Keeper of the Foundry Edit

"The Keeper is aware. The Keeper understands. The Keeper has seen the enemy." — The Keeper of the Foundry

The Keeper of the Foundry was the Keeper guarding the Progenitor Dreadnaught. It attacked the Mothership fleet when it reached the Dreadnaught Berth, formerly a section of the massive Progenitor Mothership. The Hiigarans could not destroy the Keeper with conventional weapons, so they captured it in a massive Progenitor Mothership power core, after which it self-destructed. The Mothership managed to jump to hyperspace just before the explosion.

The Keepers of Abassid Edit

The Keepers of Abassid were a group of four Keepers the Hiigaran fleet encountered in the Great Wastelands whilst en route to Thaddis Sabbah; two of the Keepers pulled the Pride of Hiigara out of Hyperspace and attacked it, intent on preventing them from reaching Balcora Gate. Bentus later appeared and managed to repair the Dreadnought's Phased Cannon Array; seemingly just in time, as two more Abassid Keepers would join the fight, but even the Phased Cannon Array was not able to destroy the Keepers. With no way to win the battle and their role in the prophecy fulfilled, the Bentusi sacrificed themselves by scuttling Bentus in a gigantic explosion, taking all four Abassid Keepers with them.

Appearances Edit