This is the article on the ship. If you are looking for the article on the abandoned city built from the wreckage of this ship, see Khar-Toba.
Hiigaran Convoy

Khar-Toba-class ships convoy

Khar-Toba-class Transports were ancient prison vessels used to ferry large numbers of POWs to other locations. They comprised the convoy that took the Hiigarans to the Outer Rim during their exile. Due to their extremely flawed technology, many ships of the convoy wither malfunctioned, exploded or detoured from their paths, leading to the untimely deaths of many Exiles.

During the voyage, several Khar-Tobas broke off from the convoy to other worlds. One notable Khar-Toba was the one that fled to the safety of the Great Nebula, where they were reborn as the Kadeshi, who made the nebula their home and terrorized anyone who dared to enter it. This Khar-Toba's remains still exist in the nebula undisturbed.

After a long journey, the convoy finally found a habitable planet - Kharak - and landed on it. One of the ships landed in the desert and became the heart of the city known as Khar-Toba. Thus, the Hiigarans were reborn as the Kushan.

Many generations later, the remnants of the Khar-Toba would be rediscovered by the Kushan and with it, the Guidestone upon which the path to Hiigara had been preserved for over a millennium. The knowledge gained from the ancient starship would propel the Kushan into a new generations-long quest to reclaim their ancient home and their place in the galaxy.


  • It is interesting to note that the only ship of the convoy discovered on Kharak is the Khar-Toba herself. This implies that the others either never made it to the planet or did not land. They might have burned up on entry to the atmosphere.


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