Kiith LiirHra
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On Hiigara?

Kiith LiirHra was chosen to lead the construction of the Mothership, and after the Kushan arrival on Hiigara it was one of the five most influential Kiithid.

Kiith LiirHra was relatively young, as it broke off from the industrial Kiith Hraal in 1012 KDS, when many smaller Kiithid belonging to Hraal declared interest in space technologies to their Kiith-Sa. However the Sa didn't see any reason to take a risk when there were no short-term benefits. Arban Hraal who also disagreed with the decision of his Sa began to gather small Kiithid with a similar point of view. When he managed to collect enough people, his group sent a petition to Kiith Manaan asking for a loan large enough to cover the cost of buying their freedom. Siima Manaan'sa was amused with the news of this revolt under Hraal wings, and after evaluation of all Arban group's holdings gave them a loan - 500 million Kharakid credits. When the Hraal found out about it, they banished Arban Hraal, and seized all of his posessions, including the Manaani credits. However after some time Arban returned, entering into the Daiamid assembly and asking to be listened to, saying that he was the Kiith-Sa of LiirHra, a kiith 20,000 people strong. With support of Siima Manaan'sa the Daiamid voted for independence of the LiirHra with a significant majority.

Now independent Kiith LiirHra has become a leader in space exploration and eventually became leader of the Mothership construction and design In addition Kiith LiirHra has build off-world mines in the Kharakian asteroid belt. Almost 50,000 members of LiirHra were amongst the Sleepers, making LiirHra one of the 5 greatest in number of the kiithid on Hiigara. Eventually in 10 AHL the last members of Kiith Hraal joined LiirHra. LiirHra supported Kiith Naabal in a political conflict citing the union with Hraal as a great example of what benefits the Somtaaw could gain from an alliance with the Naabali.

Pre-Exile Kiith LiirHraEdit

When Hiigarans attacked Taiidan destroying all military facilities on it, the Galactic Council gave an ultimatum to the Hiigarans. In this time Malketh LiirHra spoke in front of the Daiamid expressing the opinion of all it's members. There is nothing more known about this ancient Kiith, nor how Arban came to this name for his Kiith almost 3000 years later.


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