Kiith Manaan
Kiith Manaan
Kiith Information

Kiith Manaan is one of the most elusive and mysterious kiith in the Hiigaran society. Widely known as nomads and in certain places as thieves and morally-corrupt people on Kharak, they are a loose kiith, compared to the Kiith Somtaaw for example. Appearance, tradition and customs vary between members of the kiith, and they are not closely related. However, they are still considered a single Kiith.


The Manaani are generally free, joyous spirits with an inclination towards politics and art. Ever since the planetfall on Kharak, their questing nature and nomadic culture have made them outsiders, as when most kiithid were hard at work, eking out their existence in the harsh climate of the planet, the Manaan traveled from one settlement to another, as traders and entertainers.

Due to them being unable to compete with trade routes of more established tribes, the Manaan instead traded in rare medicines, drugs or taboo items. Additionally, they traded their talents for shelter, organizing festivals and other cultural events that provided their hosts with a much needed respite from the harsh everyday life. This was celebrated at a special 'dancing grounds', or Ferin Sha.

In modern times, their nature is not dead, even after settling on Hiigara. Manaan are known to be the first to fly scout ships and prototypes into the unknown, to satisfy their thirst for freedom and adventure.

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