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Kiith Naabal is one of the most industrious kiith and is famed for its role in ending the Heresy Wars. During the Heresy Wars, the Naabal were persecuted by Kiith Gaalsien and forced to the fringe of Kharak's northern habitable zone. Here they founded the city of Tiir and enacted a strict isolationist stance.

The Naabal maintained their position until the rise of Ifriit Naabal-Sa who proposed intervening in the Heresy Wars. He lead Kiith Naabal into the war and overpowered the other kiith. The Naabali had an enormous technological advantage in the form of steam power and gunpowder. Following the Naabali intervention The Heresy Wars lasted for three years and by their end the Naabal emerged completely victorious.

Kiith Naabal offered the various warring kiiths scientific knowledge in return for the laying down of arms and ushered in the Time of Reason. To unite the various kiiths Ifriit created a joint governing council, the Daiamid, which was based in the Naabal capital of Tiir. The Naabal were responsible for rebuilding infrastructure on Kharak following the Heresy Wars and freely gave their knowledge to any kiith that requested it.

Following the discovery of the Khar-Toba, the Naabal along with Kiith S'jet and Kiith Soban were in charge of the study of all wreckage and technologies found there. Kushan archaeologists theorised that the Naabal were descendants of the engineering teams of the starship.

Kiith Naabal also financed many of the various space-based scientific facilities, including the research outposts on the moons of Haarsuk. A great number of the Naabal were placed in Cryo Trays as sleepers after the destruction of Kharak.


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