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Kiith Paktu
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Kiith Paktu was once the ruling kiith of the southern pole of the planet Kharak.


This kiith once dwelled at the north pole along with the majority of the other kiithid. In the beginning, Kiith Paktu was primarily an agricultural kiith and dwelled by the mountainous shore of the Salt Sea until the year 488 KDS. A rival kiith, Kiith Siidim, forced the Paktu to flee their homeland.

Majiir Paktu, the Kiith-Sa of the Paktu at this time, decided to take his people and migrate to the unknown lands of the south pole, about which nothing was known, except from Manaani legends. Nearly 50 kiithid began a great journey on Sandsailers through the Great Desert in 490 KDS.

"I can smell the sea, it’s only a little farther." — Majiir Paktu-Sa

Only 17 kiithid survived to the Hunon Mountains, the barrier between the south pole and the Great Desert. Crossing the mountains proved very difficult, and many people lost any hope of finding a new home. In the moment when all seemed lost, a sea bird was sighted. Guided by this one bird and Majiir, the kiith managed discovered a new sea, which they named the Majiirian Sea, after their leader.

It took three years to establish the first settlements at the south pole. In the third year an expedition was launched to notify the people of the north pole about the discovery of new land, and also to open new opportunities for the many people living under the oppression of the Siidim and Gaalsien.

In the year 698 KDS the army of Kim Paktu overpowered a Kiith Gaalsien expedition and because of this the Paktu became Kiith-Sa of all kiithid living at the south pole. During the Time of Reason, Kiith Naabal gave Kiith Paktu a permanent seat in the Daiamid.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Kiith Paktu was the only kiith whose flag had a description - it was white with a red sun with many beams and also a sea spirit. White was the colour of the sails of the Sandsailers which had carried the kiith to its new home, red was meant to represent the blood of those who died during the journey to the promised land and sea-spirit was the bird who brought hope in the time of greatest despair, in the Hunon Mountains.


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