Kiith Tambuur
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Kiith Information
On Hiigara?

Kiith Tambuur was one of the Kiithid who lost almost all their members during the Kharakian Genocide. It is unknown what the people of Tambuur were occupied with before the great tragedy that befell all of the Kushan people. Only two of the Tambuur were chosen to join the crew that set off on a journey to Hiigara, these were Iifrit Tambuur and Dava Tambuur, his wife. Both were frozen, and put onboard Cryo Trays, which later became targets of a Taiidan attack. Only Iifrit survived. When he found that all his Kiith, and his wife had died, he decided to hunt down as many people responsible for the death of his intimates, as he could. Soon a few sleepers became honorary members of Kiith Tambuur. Iifrit Tambuur'sa managed to gain a crew for a small frigate and became known as one of the most famous bounty hunters.


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