Kim Paktu
Character Information
"These are my people, and this land is ours. You have no vassals here." — Kim Paktu to Liam Gaalsien and his army

Kim Paktu-Sa was leader of Kiith Paktu and a grandson of Majiir Paktu. In the spring of 698 KDS, Kiith Gaalsien army under command of Liam Gaalsien crossed the Hunon Mountains with a mission of recovering the kiithid they still considered to be their vassals. Kim Paktu was Kiith-Sa at that time, and gathered an army of 30,000 men from each Kiith which had escaped to the south pole at the shore of the Majiirian Sea. Despite the overwhelming superiority of Kith Paktu's army, which wasn't tired after passage through mountains, and had got lot more soldiers, Liam Gaalsien led his troops against the enemy. Paktu army slaughtered Gaalsien forces, only a few men managed to escape and bring news to the north lands. There were no any other attempts of conquesting south pole ever made.


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